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Base Pattern Editor.png


The Base Pattern editor is subdivided in three sections:

  • The Generators section, used for generating base patterns.
  • The Controls section, that controls the position of the base pattern.
  • The Silence generator, used for creating various silence configuration for the base pattern.

It also includes a preview of the actual base pattern (in the right panel).

The Generators

Generators Panel.png

The Generators panel has the following elements:
1. The Generator Browser.
Used for selecting the various generators types for Aural.

2. The Action Buttons.
Used for actually generating the patterns.

3. The Scale Control.
Certain generators allow to select select specific tones.
You can use this control for selecting them.
This tones are used in all octaves that Aural supports.

4. The AI panel.
Some generators in Aural supports AI, for making base patterns.
When the generator uses AI, this panel becomes visible.
For more information about this panel, please visit the Aural AI article.

The Controls

Control Panel.png

The Control panel has the following elements:
1. The Octave Buttons
These two buttons raises or lower the base pattern by an octave.

2. The Tone Buttons
These buttons are used to raise or lower the notes that are full Tones (white notes on a keyboard), by one tone.

3. The SemiTone Buttons
These buttons works like the tones button, but only with the SemiTones (The black key notes).
Every semitone in the base pattern is moved to the next one (up or down).

4. The Time Position Buttons
This pair of buttons advanced or retrace in time the base pattern.

The Silence Generator

Silence Panel.png

This panel works much like the pattern generator, but instead of producing notes, silences are generated.
In this way, notes can be turned on or off in the base pattern.
The elements of this panel are:
1. The Silence Generator browser
This control is used for selecting the silence generator type.

2. The Generate Button
This button actually generates the silence pattern that will be applied to the base pattern.

3. The Invert Button
This button inverts the silence pattern. Notes that are turned off by the generator, will be turned on, and notes that are on will become off.
Using this button when no pattern is generated will turn off all notes in the base pattern.