Getting Started

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Creating the Music

  • When you start Aural, you will hear a repetitive musical pattern that is the default theme.
  • Select one of the presets and try again the new button.
  • If you find a theme that looks good, go to the Channels Tab and try to change the instruments.
  • You can also change the Generator type. Go to the editor Tab and select a different generator.
  • Since Aural uses Midi instruments, the quality of the music depends highly on the Audio support that you have.
  • In order to produce a better song, you must export the music from Aural to a Midi file, then import it on another program.

Composing in another program

  • A simple solution consists in importing the Midi file into LMMS and using the program export option.
  • On LMMS you will need a SoundFont2 (*.SF2) file that contains the instruments sounds. There are several free sources over the net that you can use.