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Main Panel.png

This is Aural main panel. It has the following elements:
1. The Information Panel
This panel shows the Generator used, the Transformation applied and the instrument used in every channel.

2. Load Work button
This button load the workspace of Aural, so you can use it to restore your work.

3. Save Work button
This button saves the workspace of Aural (every option, including the channels, generators and transformations, as well as other parameter, such as tempo and instrument used).

4. Midi Export
This button exports the current theme into a midi file. This file can be opened in any music composing software.

5. Presets
This control is for pre-configuring several Aural options, changing the type of generators, speed and instruments, among others.

6. Loop Length
This control defines the length of the loops in notes, that includes the silences.

7. Buffer Length
This control defines the actual size (in notes) of the midi file. It also defines the length of the note buffer in Aural.

8. Autosave on Export
When enabled, this option automatically saves the workspace when a project is exported to a Midi file