The Channels Panel

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Channels Panel.png

This panel is for configuring various elements of the different channels that Aural uses.
The elements of this Panel are:

1. The Channel Selection
This Tab control is for selecting one of the channels.

2. Instrument Selector
This control selects one of the Midi instruments for the selected channel.

3. Octave Controls
These buttons raise or lower by one octave all notes in the selected channel.

4. Volume Style
This control is used for determining the volume function applied to the channel track.
5. Note Length
This control is used to determine the lenght (in ticks) of the actual note, that is, the interval between a Note On and Note Off message.

6. Interval
This is used to determine the expansion interval (in time) of the notes from the base pattern.

7. Delta Variations This control enable the delta variation algorithm. Once activated the Delta Variation options will become visible.

8. Volume
This slider control determines the maximum and minimum volume used by the Volume Style control.

9. Note Offset
This slider is used to offset notes on the channel loop.